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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Whats In My School Bag?

Hi Guys!!!!

So, since almost everyone has gone back to school now I thought that I would do a whats it my school bag post. I was inspired to do this by my very good friend Julia who did a YouTube video (go check her out she is awesome her name is The Little World Of Julia) on this and it looked really fun so I thought sins I am WAY to shy to do YouTube I am doing it on my blog. 
So lets begin....

So, this is my bag... 

I got this bag from Jack Wills (duh!) but I stupidly cant remember how much it was ;( But yeh its sooo cute and it fits loads of stuff because its exactly the right size for an A4 book

So, this is the first pencil case in my bag. I got in in Accesorise for £3.00 on sale. Its soooooo pretty and the best part is on the other side it says the words ' Fly Away' on it witch in the name of one of 5sos's new songs so of course... I love it 
Inside this pencil case I have some felt tip and some fine liners, both from W H Smiths

This is my glasses case I got from a little shop in Sheringham that I went to for £6.00. I only need my glasses for reading because I have a astigmatism in my left eye (#fancywords) witch means that it is not a foot ball shape like it should be, it is more of a rugby ball shape witch means that I get really bad head aches sometimes (insert aw). I'm still getting used to that glasses life 

Next is is this adorable pencil case from W H smiths, where I keep all girly things like lip salve, hair band and grips and a bunch if other stuff

This is my calculator witch I got from Sainsbureys or Tesco, cant remember, and I thought it just being pink was far too boring so I (badly) coloured in the buttons with sharpie

This is my portable charger that I got from New Look for around £10.00. Its sooooooo useful to have in your school bag because we all know that if you phone runs out at school that the rest of that day ruined! So don't let it happen guys, get one of these bad boys. 

Just your stranded 30cm ruler

This is my little book where I take down notes in classes. Its super cute with a little elephant on it. My amazing friend Julia who I mentioned earlier got this for my for my birthday this year from Paperchase 

This is my mane pencil case with all of my stationary bits in it. I got this from H&M for aroung £4.00. 
Inside it there is........

These two pens from Jarolds stationary 

These 2 15cm rulers from god knows where

These adorable pastel pencils from H&M 

These 4 highlighters from W H Smiths

And this sharpener and rubber from W H Smiths also 

Next from my bag is my phone. I got the case that is on it from Jack Wills and I always keep my ear phones with my phone so that when I'm bored at break and lunch I have something to do.   

In this pencil case I have some pencils, coloured pencils to be precise! I got this pencil case from W H Smiths and the pencils also from W H Smiths. 

This is the book that I just finished reading called All The Bright Places. I would recommend this book to anyone and also tell them that it will without a doubt make you cry and you will for sure fall in love with the main character, Finch. I'm not going to tell you what its about so that you guys can go and reading knowing nothing just like I did and still LOVE it !!! I'm pretty sure this is my favourite book ever!! 

This is the next thing in my bag is my locker key and the key rig on there is from Accesorise and I don't know how much it was soz!

Then next I have got my good old geometry set from Jarolds Stationary 

Then the last thing that I have in my bag is this diary where I always write down my homework and, just having a dairy is just soooooo helpful in high school so I really recommend getting one of these if you are in school whether thats primary or secondary.

So, thats everything in my school bag fro 2015. If you enjoyed this post be sure to let me know and also tell me what you would like me to post about next! 

see ya soon Xx