string of lights

string of lights

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

NYX Soft Matt Lip Creams


So, I have really been loving a lot of the NYX make up products at the moment, so i thought I would talk to you guys about probably my favourite product that NYX do, and that is their soft matt lip creams. Just, BTW I havnt been asked to make this I just thought it would be fun.  

The first thing that I really love about these is a pretty insignificant thing, but I lOVE their names. They are all named after city around the world and I just think thats really cool and a clever way to name things. 

So, these are the 3 colours that I have but trust me I would like them ALL!!! I love these lip colours and I wear the all the time. The colours I have are called Istanbul, Buenos Aires and Prague in the same order as the picture 

I absolutely love wearing these lipsticks and I love the consistency and the matt finish of them. They have a lovely pigment and they don't feel heavy or anything like that, on the lips. They can be quite build-able but I tend to only do one coat because I think I can get enough colour from that. Especially the dark berry colour called Prague.  

I hope you enjoyed this post and my amazing descriptions of colours (not). :D
Thank you so much for reading and I hope to talk to you all soon xx
See ya soon Xxx