string of lights

string of lights

Saturday, 18 July 2015

An Intro To Me

Hi guys!

 So, this morning I decided that I wanted to make a blog. I was struggling to decide what to theme it around so I thought about what kind of thing I like to read. DIYs, beauty, baking, fashion. I couldn't make my mind up. So, I came to the decision that I would just do a blog about............(drum roll)...... ALL OF THEM! ( Queue  children cheering!!!!) So each post will have a theme, either beauty, DIYs, fashion/beauty or baking.I think this should work because if you are into 1 of those but none of the others, thats fine because you can just selectively read posts that suit what you like.If you guys want me to do a post on something specific like a band or TV show or maybe a book.I really hope you enjoy what is hopefully to come and I will see you in my next post!!!!!!See ya soon Xx

P.S. if you want to follow me on stuff these are the names

twitter~ Xcharley_cherry

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