string of lights

string of lights

Sunday, 27 March 2016

March Favourites

Hi Guys!!! 

So I want to start by saying I am so so sorry that I haven't posted in like 5 months but I have been so busy. I joined a new high school in September and I have been really focused on settling in and working really hard. 

But now I am back and I am not planning on doing any kind of schedule because I am still very busy but I do want to do more posts. I have a few in mind that I think you guys will love 

But anyway lets get on with my march favourites. This is the first one of these that I have done so let me know if you would like it to be a more regular thing :) 


Lottie London  
I have loved these nail varnishes this month, it is pretty much all I have worn. I loved light pinks this month. I also have some of their make up brushes and they are amazingly soft and such cute pastel colours

Baby Lips
These Doctor Rescue lip balms have literally saved my lips. They get so dry and chapped around this time and when I use these I can actually feel it working! I have one clear one and one with a very nice light pink nude colour  


The Flash 
I can not even explain how much obsessed I am with this show. I doesn't help that I am completely in love with Grant Gustin (plays the flash. Look him up he is incredible). This show is amazing and I recommend it to anyone. The love stories in it are just as amazing as all the fight scenes. The is a new crossover episode with Supergirl soon and I can not WAIT!! let me know if you like the flash too. BTW I am watching it right now as I type!   

Pretty Little Liars
I am sure you know by now that I have loved PLL since the beginning. This month the finale of 6b came out and I was pretty much in tears!! Cant wait for season 7. Again let me know if you love PLL too. 

Playlist For The Dead
This is a book I have been reading. Its such a good book and I have really been enjoying it. I wont tell you guys to much thought because I really want you guys to read it and tell me what you think. 


This Month I have mainly been eating chocolate (its Easter here in England) but I also have been eating a lot of mango which id my favourite fruit by the way. 


Primark Blanket
I bought a blanket from primark for like £5.00 a few days ago and oh my god I can even explain how soft it is!! It is a super cute pattern too and I just love it!! All the love fore this blanket ;)

Mood Boards
So, I am doing up my room in the next few months (future blog posts sneek peak) and I have LOVED making plans and board about it. I have also loved going on Pintrest and finding the images I like.

I hope you enjoyed this and please do let me know if you want to see these each month. I am very exited because in about a week I am going on holiday to Mauritius and I cant wait to show you guys some of the pictures we take and all the stuff we are gunna get up to!!   


See ya soon Xxx