string of lights

string of lights

Monday, 2 May 2016

April Favourites

Hi Guys! 

This are my favourites for this month!! Enjoy!


Wake me up concealer
This Rimmel concealer has been around for like ever but I only recently started using it and I can understand why people have been raving about it for so long. It blends amazingly well and the colour is get is exactly write for my rather pale complexion. I have it in ivory 01

Collection Volumizing Mascara
The reason I love this mascara so much is because of the brush. I have loads of little bristles on it so it can catch even those little lashes that don't normally get covered by a normal mascara. It was also pretty so cheap so there's another bonus.

Lets Spritz!
This is Zoella's perfume and I know its cliché that I would like this just because its by Zoella, but I don't I actually think it has a really lovely smell and I wear it most days. The bottle is also really cute and looks nice on my dressing table so why not??

Collection Define and Perfect Eyebrow Powder
I have no idea that eyebrow powder was even a thing but I tried it and its actually so good!! The colour is perfect for me and its really easy to use


Best Feinds
I know a lot of youtubers and people have been advertising this game lately but I am not being paid or anything I just think this game is really fun and I have been really enjoying playing it on the bus to school and when I am board in class. (I deffenently don't do that. Nope never :{)Me and my mum were having a competition to see who could get to the highest level first and when I can to her saying that I was on level 31 and was really proud she told me thats he was on level 65 and I was sooooooo annoyed :D

Scream Queens
So last month I talked about a TV show that I have been really loving called Pretty Little Liars and if you liked that I am sure you will love this show. Scream Queens it about a Sorority in a university and how there is a cereal killer on the loose. It is really funny but also quite dark and a bit scary. I have been enjoying this show sooo much lately an I really recommend it. Although maybe don't watch it at night. :P

The Jungle book
I saw this film yesterday and I am obsessed!! The animation was incredible and looked so real. And even thought I knew the story line, I was still shocked and wasn't expecting some things. It was so enjoyable and you really connected to the charters. I would recommend it to any fellow Disney lover but maybe wait till your a bit older because it can be a little scary at points

Dodie Clark
Dodie is a Youtuber and she is fast becoming one of my favourites. Her channel is called Doddleoddle, she is an amazing singer and she has written a lot of really lovely original songs. She's also very funny and entertaining to watch so I defiantly think you should go and give her a watch. Tell me if you do in the comments :)


I have eaten so many Oreos in that past month! I don't know what it is! I have always liked them its just lately that I have become a bit addicted. I think I might have a problem.

Easter Eggs
Obviously I have eaten sooooooo many Easter eggs this month as it was Easter and I can't get enough!! I still have like 8 :D


Newlook Jeans
I just have one fashion item to tell you about this month and that is these amazing jeans from Newlook that are high waisted and a really cute pastel blue and I have been wearing them almost every day lately .


Fairy Lights
I have filled my room with fairy lights and I can not get enough of them! they just look soooo pretty and cosy and I just love them.

Wake Me Up Concealer
Zoella Perfume
Eyebrow Powder
Dodie Clark

Hope you enjoyed!! Tell me your favourites in the comments
See ya soon Xx