string of lights

string of lights

Saturday, 9 April 2016

The Twin Tag

Hey Guys!!! 

I wanted to tell you guys a little bit more about my twin sister Amelie so we decided we would do the twin tag!! 


1. Who is the oldest?
C:But only by like 4 minuets!! 

2. Can you show an old photo? 

3. Favourite memory together? 
A: Our 11th birthday when we had this huge bouncy slide thing, it was sooo fun!!!
C:  Mine is when we went to France and decided to do a cute photo shoot in this pretty garden and I forced Amelie to pose for me!!

4. Each other dream job?
A: I think charley's dream job is an interior designer
C: Thats actually right!!! I think Amelie's dream job is a background dancer for someone like Katy Perry 
A: Yep that sounds cool!    

5. Who takes longer to get ready?
A: You do 
C: Do I?
A:  Yeh you take at least half an hour just choosing your clothes!! 
C: OK fine, yeh I take ages. But your not exactly quick
A: I'm quicker then you!!

6. Do you have anything matching?
C: Our mum used to dress us in the same things when we were little but we are more individual now. 
A: Yeh I hate it when you have the same stuff as me
C: Yeh she does!  

7. Did you ever dress alike?
C: Yes a lot when we were younger like in the picture but never now
A: Yeh I would never allow that 

8. Song you would use to describe each other?
C: 'Cake by the ocean' by DNCE
A: Yeh I'm quite energetic like that song
C: What about me??
A: 'A thousand Years' by Kristina Perry
C: Why?
A: I dunno its just very you 

9. One thing that you can do that the other cant?
C: Play piano
A: Play the drums

10. Do you have the same personalities? 
C: No not at all!!
A: Yeh we are really different!

11. Siltiest question someone asked you about being twins
C: Are you the same person!! Thats so stupid! 
A: Or are we identical because we are very clearly not!  

12. Describe each other in one word?
C: Weird  
A: Whiny

13. One thing that annoys you about the other?
C: You always steel my hobbies!! If I get into baking you suddenly do and then when I got into photography, you suddenly did too!!
A: You are really heavy footed when you walk
C: How is that annoying??
A: It just is 

14. If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why?
C: California!! We both say we really wanna go to America and L.A. looks awesome!! 
A: Tokyo or London, because I love London and all the sites there and it makes me feel proud to live in England and Tokyo just looks awesome and so exotic and we both love sushi soo..

15. Nick names you have for each other?
C: Am, Amie, Amer, Ams, Amerpoo
A: Char-Char, Char, 

16. Favourite thing about each other?
C: Your so small and cute!! 
A: You are quite funny  

17. Favourite inside joke? 
C: Our whole family calls Amelie a freak all the time and she loves it!! Its only a joke though :D 
A: La Blonc!! Its an expression I use when I am angry or happy or sad or.....
C: Ok we get it.  

18. Are you identical?
A: We are like the most opposite looking people ever!! Most people dont even realise we are sister let alone twins!  

We hope you enjoyed this tag!! If any of you are are twins we tag you to do this too!! Lots of love!
See ya soon Xx