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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Current Skin Care Products

Hi Guys!!! 

So, today I wanted to show you guys the products that I currently use for skin care and what I think of them . Lets get started :)

In Shower Products 
These are the two products that I use in the shower other than just regular soap obviously.
The first thing that is in this picture is Johnson's Baby Oil. Once I have finished showering I usually tern of the water then rub this all over me while I am still wet and I am not kidding, it makes my skin feel INCREDIBLE!!Lots of beauty Bloggers and Youtubers have been raving about this lately and I can now see where they were coming from.
The second thing in this picture is Zoella's 'Creamy Madly Dreamy' body lotion from her beauty product collection. I love the smell of this and although I don't think it is meant to be used in the shower I like to rub it on my arms and legs in there because using it as a sort of shower gel works really well with this product. It has a very floral sent but it isn't too strong at all and has a great all seasons smell. Using water also helps to rub it into your skin even though it actually absorbs very well on dry skin too so I would recommend it for both. 
Johnson's Baby Oil

Body Products 
The first product in this picture is Vaseline Essential Moisture. I use this immediately after I shower and have dried my body. I use it on mostly my arms and legs and it really helps to get some moister into my dry skin which is most;y just my arms and legs. It dries very quickly and doesn't really have a sent which is good sometimes if you have sensitive skin. I couldn't find that link to this product so I have left one for a slightly different product from Vaseline, the only different thing is the packaging and that name really  
The second product here is a moisturise that I found in my house a few months ago and I have no idea what it is called or where it is from, sorry :( I use it all over my body except my arms and legs because it is quite freelanced and my dry skin doesn't really like that
The last product here is Palmer's Cocoa Butter. I mainly use this on my feet because they get very dry, but I also use it on my hips where I have some stretch marks and it's really good for getting them to fade, and it smells like chocolate  which is a massive plus! :) 
Vaseline Moisturiser
Palmer Cocoa Butter

Face Products 
The first product that I to clean my face is Clearasil Daily Gel Wash. I wet my face and rub it on my T zone ( for head, nose, chin)  then wash it of with a wet flannel. This product prevents me from getting spots to badly and keeps my face clean. And another really cool thing is its BLUE as in the actual gel is blue. Don't why I think that really cool I just do. 
Another thing I use to clean my face is Simple Kind To Skin Moisturiser. I just rub this all on my face and that about it but it is very good for keeping my skin soft because it is very pure and watery on my skin so it keeps it from getting dry
And to remove my make up I use Johnson's Face Care wipes and even though I know that using an actual make up remover is better for your skin than wipes but sometimes, a girl needs to be a bit quick when removing her make up and wipes are less faffy than a remover. I do have a remover that I use but it is actually my mums so I thought I couldn't really add it in her. And I cant find it.....
Clearasil Daily Gel Wash 
Simple Kind To Skin Moisturiser   
Johnson's Face Care Wipes    

I really hope you enjoyed this slightly different post an please let me know if you would like to see more of these review type post and beauty posts. 
Thanks for reading!! 

See ya soon!! Xx

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