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Monday, 20 July 2015

On Getting A Puppy

Hi Guys!!!

So, as I mentioned in a previous post, I have a 10 month old puppy dog called Margot. To me, she is honestly THE cutest thing IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!


This morning when I was playing with her and her sister who has come to stay, I was thinking about how much easier she is to look after now, compared to when we got her. 
So, I decided to compile (look at me usein' ma big words!) a list of things that are really helpful to know when, first of all getting your puppy and second, caring for it after you have welcomed him or her to your family!! :)
Lets get started!!! (warning this could be a very long post so I would go grab your self a nice cup of tea and some biscuits to get you through)

Step 1: Choosing your puppy

Deciding where to get your puppy from can be hard. I would recommend getting one from a breeder who has been recommended to you from a friend or some one who has the same breed of dog as you and has experience with them. Make sure the breed that you choose is right for you and that you have maybe met someone who has one so you can get to know them and see what their characteristics are.
For us, we had seen people with miniature schnauzers  around where we live and we thought they were REALLY cute. My friend's mum had a contact to someone who is a recommended breeder in miniature schnauzers witch is the breed that Margot is. 

Step 2: Preparing for your puppy

Once you have chosen your puppy and you know when and where you are picking it up from, you need to make sure that you have pretty much every thing you will need for when he or she arrives. They are, 

 A Bed 

Food and water bowls
I would recommend that you get a separate bowel for water and food because it just makes it easier to refill each one without spilling all the water when trying to feed them breakfast. 

 A lead
I would recommend that you get one of these extending leads so that you can take your dog on a walk and let them off a bit for a run around and it can teach your dog to walk better and not to pull as well.


Toys are really important when you have a puppy because they are constantly needing to be stimulated or they just get board and in Margot's case, chew up all the furniture. Toys can also be really good exercise for your dog 

Those are most of the things you will need to start with but as you dog gets older there could be more things that it needs

Step 3: Caring for you puppy 

Dogs of any age need lots of care, some more than others.
Cuddles: Cuddles are VERY important when it comes to caring for your dog. Giving your dog a big old cuddle will make them feel loved and it will make you feel good too. If he or she is a bit reluctant to start with just be gentle and slow with them and they will soon come round to the idea, they are probably just nervous
Sleep: Sleep is just as important to baby dogs as it is to baby humans. If you puppy is sleeping then LEAVE THEM TO SLEEP!!! I know how tempting it is to cuddle them while they are sleeping because they are so cute but they really need their sleep to grow up and if they get grumpy then they are NOT fun to be around
Feeding: To start with we fed Margot 3 meals a day but as she got older we narrowed it down to just breakfast and dinner and that seems to be fine as we tend to give her a few treats through out the day. You also need to make sure that you are feeding them the right food fro them so ask the breeder for information or if they have any food you can buy.
Exercise: Weather its walking, throwing a ball or going on a hike, exercise is one the most important things to get your dog to do. Depending on the breed, your dog should get some kind of exercise every day so they don't become over weight. Some dogs will need a lots more exercise than others. As well as Margot, my family have a black lab called Hardy. He gets walked every day because that is how much exercise he need where as Margot doesn't need a walk every day because she is quite small, so just running around in our garden is enough but she does have a couple of walks a week too

I think that is most of the things that you need to know when getting a puppy!!

Please let me know if I have forgotten anything and also let me know if this was helpful to you at all

see ya soon Xx 


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